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Red stimulates a faster heartbeat and it is also the colour of love.

Most artists are left handed,

Including Jo!


Green is the easiest colour on the eye!

Blue is one of the most popular colours. A serene blue can cause the body to produce soothing chemicals.

Yellow improves concentration, that is why it is used for legal pads.

Fun Facts

CAN'T DRAW? Hmmm Think again!!

I have always maintained anyone can draw if taught. This included my husband who often said he couldn't draw. So with a little instruction and advice the sketches below are his first attempts. Let me know your thoughts?

Famous Names Born on 30th March

Jo Darbyshire

Vincent van Gogh,  Francisco de Goya, Celine Dion, Warren Beatty, Eric clapton, Pieter Snyers, Anna Sewell, Fortunato Depero, Tom Sharpe, Robbie Coltrane, M C Hammer, Piers Morgan, Secreteriat, Norah Jones

It was at this point that our dear friend started to worry!

T.E.D (Theodore Einstein Darbyshire) is waiting to hear from you and answer your emails on the Contact page

Meet Tango! Formerly known as Foxy! Due to high work volume I have had to take on extra staff!

He is a rescue dog but fits in after the treats.

love your website :) ... your's is great.

Steve J Gould, Artist



Tell your husband he can draw!

Lloyd Thibodeau Artist


I gave @Jo_amusingart +K about Creativity

Meet The Staff

BB, Arrhh Blackbeard our little pirate and Ted, black tie & tux event!

Trip out for supplies.